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Welcome to "Heavenly Bistro"

Stop to dined with us and leave hooked on our great food.

Why Dine with Us?

  • You Should NOT Skip Breakfast.

    Heavenly Bistro provides a start your day powerful optional heavy or lite breakfast. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  • Power Down Lunch.

    From burger to steak, fish to chicken, cafe to latte, beer to drink, salad to cereal, small or large dish, we can accommodate to all ages.
  • Happy Time Drink.

    Sip on our famous cafe, slam down a hard shot, or simply chill with our great bartenders, we provide the friendly and fun place to kick back.


  • Mon - Sun: 08 am - 03 pm


  • 5
    My fav is the eggs benedict, scones, burgers... The staff, specially the owner is always soo welcoming and remembers customers as if you'd just walked in the day before. :-).
    Angelica G.
  • 5
    Awesome cafe. Ordered the half sandwich half Cesar salad. Was amazing. Latte was pretty good too!
    Sinat A.